Inhabit your body

Everyone knows the hassle of life : pain, psychological stress, or just the simple feeling that our body could feel more comfortable to inhabit.

Friendly Body is a mobile app that teaches you how to take care of your physical well-being by practicing a wide range of exercices.

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Friendly Body ?

For everyone

Friendly Body's practice routines progressively adapt to your own body : come as you are, and choose the exercices that suit you

10 minutes a day, just for me

You'll be able to feel the benefits on your body, even if you only use the app from time to time

Practicing is playing

The app is designed to be a stimulating exploration, to take care of yourself while having fun.

Many exercices

Strength, self-massage, stretching, meditation, balance... You'll be able to focus on what really feels like it benefits you !


These exercices have been tested by thousands of people, and our team is constantly getting updated.

Friendly Body evolves with you

The more you practice, the more the app can give you what you need. You'll find your own pace, your own routines, and your own level of intensity.

They were our first testers...

…here’s what they thought about it

"As a professional winegrower, the exercices provided by Friendly Body allow me to spend long days at work without any pain. It helps me cope with discomfort."
"Friendly Body is an approach that leaves you with the feeling of having done exactly what your body needs at that time - and it is obvious that the Friendly Body way is supported by a huge interdisciplinary knowledge"
Yoga teacher
3rd degree black belt in Kenpo-Karate
"Fine-tuned blend of traditionnal and modern exercices, Friendly Body is a creatively built app that really adapts to its users"
"Since I started using the Friendly Body mindset : no more acute back-pain, no more sciatic pain. My body gained a flexibility that I had lost due to a spine surgery. My body feels whole again : everything is smoothly connected, and there is no forgotten part. I feel that I'm "breathing" everywhere, and I feel fitter. My sleep also improved"

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